100 million seems like a lot. But in the Indian context that may be an underestimation. The potential may be a lot more. Let’s look at the different slices of opportunity.

The Language Opportunity

Internet use in the vernacular has seen a spectacular rise. Right now, vernacular users outstrip English users -- 234 million language users compared to 175 million English users. The Indian language users will increase by 18% to reach 536 million by 2021. Meanwhile, English users will increase only by 3%, a report by KPMG stated. Furthermore, 9 out of 10 new internet users in India in the next five years will be Indian language users. In fact, Hindi users alone will outstrip English users in the next five years. Do you have language content strategy?

The Geographic Dimension

Of the 918 million people in rural India, only 186 million have access to the Internet. This will change dramatically in the next few years as mobile phone and broadband penetration explodes thanks to the digital India initiative. By 2022, mobile penetration will increase from 65% to 90% and number of internet users is projected to grow to 850 million, much of this growth coming from the hinterland. In fact, one out of two new internet users will be from rural India in the next 3-4 years. That’s 200 million users right there! What is your rural content strategy?

The Access Dimension

According to research by Omidyar Network, over the next five years 500 million first-time internet users will come online via their mobile phones. They are the next half billion. Declining data cost and government’s digital push will not only increase penetration but also usage. What is your content strategy to connect with these first-time users? Are your interfaces designed for these digital newbies? Is your content localized and rooted in their culture context?

The Demographic Dimension

The demographic dividend will play out big time for digital India. Over 30% of the Internet population in India are in the 18-24 segment. This is a huge opportunity. They are an influential demographic and in the next four to five years will be earning consumers, if they aren’t already. These millennials will be among the early adopters of disruptive technologies. What is your millennial content strategy?

If you wish to connect and engage with a larger number of users, both new and old, your content strategy must consider the shifting trends in the digital landscape.

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